Ambitienota Vlaams Bouwmeester 2020-2025

book, 36 pp., 19 x 28 cm

Erik Wieërs — Creating Opportunities for Encounters (Kansen scheppen voor ontmoeting)
Vision document Flemish Government architect 2020-2025

On 17 August 2020, Erik Wieërs started as the new Flemish Government Architect. As an independent expert and advisor to the entire Flemish Government, in the next five years he will work in close cooperation with numerous partners to strengthen public commissioning and the architectural culture in Flanders. In this publication, he outlines, on the basis of eight themes, the conceptual framework for the working of the Team Vlaams Bouwmeester in the next five years. He sets out the guidelines for drawing up an action programme and provides insight into the principles that will guide him in his support and advice for public commissioners and policymakers in the field of spatial quality.

Drawings by Sofie Van der Linden.