Philippe Vandenberg – Pelgrims keel

book, 64 pp., 24.5 x 34 cm

Leuven: Literarte

The book includes notices from a diary (1998-2002), 19 watercolours and 2 pencil drawings from Philippe Vandenberg. The watercolours and pencil drawings are reproduced full page, imitating the original sketchbook. The paper chosen for this book is Munken Book (90 gr). The quality of this paper relates to the original sketchbook as well. The book starts with a prologue followed by a series of reproductions. Then, the diary notices are presented apart on 14 pages. This way the text doesn’t comment the images. And reverse, the images don’t illustrate the text. After these notices, another series of reproductions starts. The book finishes with an epilogue. The typeface used is Plantin. The cover is half cloth.