Daniel Buren. Le Décor et son Double (1986/2011)

book, 24 pp., 21.6 x 28.7 cm

Ghent: Herbert Foundation / S.M.A.K.

3 editions: ISBN English edition: 978-90-7567-9410 / ISBN Dutch edition: 978-90-7567-9397 / ISBN French edition: 978-90-7567-9403

For the Chambres d’Amis exhibition in 1986, the French artist Daniel Buren made a work in two acts or an act for two rooms with one part of the work located in the guest room of Annick and Anton Herbert in Ghent, and the other in the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst – now called the S.M.A.K. – in the same city. Whereas the Herberts preserved Buren’s intervention in their guest room, the public copy was lost. This public half of Le Décor et son Double is now being shown again for the first time and is also being incorporated into the S.M.A.K. collection.

The reconstruction of Le Décor et son Double in S.M.A.K. is accompanied by the publication and an exhibition (21.09.2011 – 04.11.2012)

Daniel Buren in conversation with Jan Debbaut
Essay by Maria Schnyder