Genuine Conceptualism — Lynda Morris

book, 176 pp., 17 x 23.3 cm

ISBN: 978-9-08208-391-0

The catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition Genuine Conceptualism by Lynda Morris, presented at the Herbert Foundation from July 3 till November 8, 2014 in Ghent.

The publication brings together texts, interviews and articles on conceptualism Morris published in journals such as Studio International, Flash Art, The Listener and Art Monthly since the 1970s and recent articles and lectures on early conceptualism.


—  Curating Book as Artwork 1960/1972
—  Beuys Art & Language NSCAD. Art Education and Contemporary Art
—  The Beuys Affair Calendar of Events
—  A photograph of Beuys Laughing 1972
—  Art & Language. Theory as Practice or Practice as Theory?
—  Do You See What They Mean? Art & Language
—  David Lamelas. Interview by Lynda Morris, Angel Islington London, Dec. 1972
—  David Lamelas: an introduction to the structural development
—  David Lamelas Experience
—  Bernd & Hilla Becher
—  Anonymous Sculpture. Bernd and Hilla Becher
—  Gilbert and George. Nigel Greenwood
—  Gilbert and George Mental. Robert Self Gallery
—  Drinking with Gilbert and George 1972 to 1976
—  Douglas Huebler. Jack Wendler
—  Jan Dibbets. Jack Wendler, December 1973
—  Lucy Lippard Six Years: The dematerialisation of the art object from ’66 to ’72
—  Mario Merz. Interview Lynda Morris and Barbara Reise
—  Carl Andre Poems 1958-1974. Museum of Modern Art Oxford and Lisson Gallery London
—  Andre’s Aesthetics. Carl Andre at the Whitechapel Art Gallery
—  André Cadere in conversation with Lynda Morris. Angel Islington March 1976
—  André Cadere. Various London locations, 13-20 March.
—  Belgium
—  Marcel Broodthaers. Potted Palms at the Tate Gallery
—  Prospect Painting Düsseldorf
—  STRATA. Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, Cy Twombly, Robert Ryman, Brice Marden. Gulbenkian Gallery Royal College of Art, January 1974.
—  Alan Charlton
—  Issues around the Death of Gerry Schum 23 March 1973
—  Kunst Bleibt Kunst Projekt ’74 Cologne
—  Cologne Kunstmarkt Today Together. Cologne Art Fair 6-10 November 1975
—  Spirit of ’77. Documenta 6
—  The Museum of Modern Art in Oxford 1965-1975
—  Barbara Reise. Obituary and Bibliography
—  Barbara Reise
—  Gerhard Richter
—  Hanne and Konrad and Barbara
—  Unconcealment: Prospect 68
—  Conception and Unconcealed