Use Me

poster, 60 x 42 cm

Image poster: Bruce Nauman, Use Me, 1988

The Herbert Foundation present Use Me from 4 July until 8 November 2014 (on the first floor of the exhibition spaces). This exhibition highlights both the field of tension and the symbiosis between a subjective selection of works from the Herbert Collection and some exceptional items on loan.

The title Use Me was taken from the etch by Bruce Nauman from 1988. As a part of the Herbert Collection, this work provides both a frame of reflection of the exhibition within which the selection of works is situated.

Apart from Bruce Nauman, Use Me presents work by Jean-Marc Bustamante, Wim Delvoye, Katharina Fritsch, Robert Gober, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Paul McCarthy, Reinhard Mucha, Kurt Ryslavy, Thomas Schütte, Jan Vercruysse, Franz West and Heimo Zobernig.